1.6 Explain The Purpose And Benefits Of Letting Other People Know In Good Time?

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Planning work establishes exactly what work you are required to do and to what standard/target, it also allows you to establish time limits. Plan can help you to decide the course of action you will take. It allows you to estimate the time each piece part of the work will take and the total time it will take you to complete the work. A schedule can then be created of what has to be done throughout the working day, allowing you to manage your time effectively to meet objectives and deadlines. This can help to avoid the duplication of work or labour and therefore minimises waste time. It allows you to check that the resources and contacts you require are available and/or suitable and take action if there is any problem. As an employee you…show more content…
This is why it is important to keep people informed of your progress. This can be done by building in progress checks into your plans, which can be as simple an update email to your manager, or a progress report/meeting for more complex tasks. 1.6 Explain the purpose and benefits of letting other people know in good time if work plans need to be changed You need to let people know in good time that work plans need to change as it is possible that separate work that has been planned in advance, may depend on your completing your work. Deadline could possibly be rearrange if enough notice is given. It also forms part of good business practice to keep people up to date at all times when things change. 1.7 Explain the purpose and benefits of recognising and learning from mistakes Acknowledging your mistakes can help both you and the business minimise the impact and repercussions. Highlighting errors/mistakes at the earliest opportunity gives you an opportunity to correct it. You can also put in places steps to ensure you do not make the same mistake again. For example, extra training, assistance or
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