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We have little knowledge about the report, we are discussing about the global talent management (GTM) and the role of the corporate human resource function in multinational corporations. International mobility its new forms, increased global talents hunting are the two perspectives of GTM. GTM discusses and considered primarily about the mechanisms and following the willingness to enter the emerging markets using organisational ability to maintain or managing the talents. These issues addressed or shows when once the new corporate roles have identified. GTM theory and practice our basic understanding advances by seeing of challenges facing by corporate HR in the future.
In the international literature of human
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And this resulted in increased volume of migration and new trend shift to skill related immigrations (Salt & Millar, 2006) few of the examples among these are information technology, healthcare and the globalization of many professional labour markets, (Clark, Stewart, & Clark, 2006). Demand reasons: There is always an increase in demand for the skilled class people to build the emerging international markets irrespective of the face that the economy in a declining position. Firms recruit, use the same staffs to go onsite work to do the part of short term access with their specific talents. This motive helps the companies to achieve the execution of their projects and at the same help to develop the competitive market. Nowadays all over the world companies are facing the challenges to find the right talented skilled people especially in Europe and north America and the challenges are most severe for new managers and young professionals in the markets such as the economies of Central and Eastern Europe and the BRIC economies of India, Brazil China, Russia (Bhatnagar, 2007).The need for effective talent management strategies and practices that work in emerging markets is increasingly recognized by top MNC managers yet there has been little systematic research of talent

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