1.Action Plan For The Unit (25 Points).Gifted Students

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1. Action Plan for the Unit (25 points) Gifted students should be provided advanced opportunities to be challenged, to experience both success and growth, to develop higher level study, creativity, and productivity. To develop their interests and talents their individual characteristics, needs, learning rates, motivations for learning, cognitive abilities, and interests must be taken into account. Differentiation can be included in the curriculum by incorporating acceleration, complexity, depth, challenge, and creativity. Students can also be given fewer tasks to master a standard, use multiple resources and higher-level skills, conduct research, develop products, make cross-disciplinary applications, and complete alternative…show more content…
The computer and Internet may be needed for educational software, educational games, and videos. Community resources such as guest speakers and field trips may need to be scheduled as well. I will develop broad-based activities and open-ended questions to help students think about the topic in varied and divergent ways. I will select a culminating activity which is a project or activity that engages students in meaningful summarization of their discoveries and leads to new ideas, understandings, and connections. Last, I will choose a method for evaluating my students ' progress and growth throughout the unit such as conferences, logs, and student journal writing. 2. Your Gifted Program (50 points) The gifted program that I will implement in my classroom will go beyond memory and knowledge. Gifted learners will experience collaborative learning in a non-competitive environment. I will establish self management skills so they can be independent in their decision making, problem solving, and exercise control over their learning environment. The classroom will be learner centered for more student involvement and less teacher direction. I will ask open ended questions and model thoughtful, probing questions and answers that stimulate a variety of responses. Working with such a diverse group of students requires monitoring and adjusting the learning environment and
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