1. Background Description Of School And Observed Classroom

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1. Background Description of School and Observed Classroom The family campus program at Boys and Girls club runs a title V state preschool full academic program that runs from 7am - 6pm this school does follow a curriculum and teachers perform assessments such as DRDP and for special needs children in particular they have IEP meetings done at this Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove -Family Campus Preschool. Over a course of 3 days and a total of 8 hours shadowed and observed with homeroom teacher. The IEP team interdisciplinary meetings include speech therapist, ABA therapist, teacher, parents, and cna nurse assistant. The school is in coherence and contracted with Garden Grove Unified school district. The classroom size was 10 students…show more content…
As informed by the teacher, many parents report lack of understanding of ways and why PBS is important at a school wide level. Recommendations would be to have school events or informational sessions that educates parents about the concepts of Positive Behavior Support. Such trainings should be also implemented between administration and teachers to promote consistency in behavior modification measures school wide. A team of counselors and psychologists should provide such trainings and provide solutions to mainstream behavior modification techniques. 2. Classroom Environment A strength that was displayed in the environment of the classroom and school in general was its ability to be developmentally appropriate for the child’s age group. The institution did an outstanding job in incorporating child size and child oriented furniture. This made the classroom environment stimulating for the students. Another strength observed in this classroom was that there were labeled items around the classroom in multiple languages such as: Spanish, English, Vietnamese, and Korean. The classroom respectively had Spanish, English, Vietnamese, and Korean speakers. As observed there was audio visual equipment such as a cd player, speakers, projector, and computer. The teacher did a good job and utilized these audio visual equipment in various aspects of her teaching. The classroom provided multiple avenues for the student to explore various activities. An aspect where the

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