1.Briefly Describe Your Favorite Character From Literature,

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1. Briefly describe your favorite character from literature, television, or film. Using your sociological imagination, explain some of the problems that character had/has from a sociological perspective. Be sure that you clearly define and identify "the sociological perspective" and "the sociological imagination." Be careful not to give a detailed summary of the character – stick to the sociology! The New View about The Jungle Book of 2016 Scientists believe that every child is born as a blank sheet of paper, their development depends very much on the environment, especially on their parents. However, not every child is fortunate to grow up in the arms of the family. Proof that in the world, there are many stories of children being…show more content…
To understand more about the content of the film, everyone need to appreciate it with the view of the sociology through the sociological perspective and the sociological imagination. Firstly, people need to appreciate the film with the sociological perspective. Sociological perspective enables people to gain a new perception of social life. According to Sociology A Down-To-Earth Approach, James M. Henslin states, “The sociological perspective stresses the social contexts in which people live. It examines how these contexts influence people’s lives” (3). Linking to the film, Mowgli is a boy who is nourished by the wolves, and he is trained in hunting skills and how to escape the claws of the larger predators. Thus, he does not know how basic human communication is, but he knows smoothly the ability to communicate as well as the behavior of the wild animal. Hence, wild children raised by the jungle-dwelling animals are common themes in many of the myths in the world. These children are portrayed without any connection to humans. Of course, they also lack the basic communication abilities of the human race. From there, they form animal behavior and encounter many difficulties to reintegrate into the community. For example, a story from a book which tells about Oxana Malaya whose parents are too tired to drink, so they neglect to look for their missing daughter when she was three years old.

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