1. Case Study - Women on the Right Track at Cp Rail

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1. Case study - Women on the Right Track at CP Rail Women comprise nearly half of Canada's workforce, but over the last two decades, they have made no progress in obtaining senior management roles. This lack of success may deter younger women from entering certain professions and from learning from role models. Furthermore, research shows that a lack of diversity can affect retention, productivity, and innovation. Companies with more female senior managers have a higher return on equity than those with lower rates of female senior managers. With this research in mind, CP Rail undertook three initiatives to increase the number of women managers: * Each department must have diversity goals. * Mentoring programs for females have…show more content…
Empowered employees are vital to the success of the programs. Employees were first encouraged to buy in before implementation through involvement in the development of the programs and effective communication; new employees are given an orientation on the green programs; volunteer teams meet monthly and discuss how to improve on the green programs; and there is an incentive program for the green teams with the best results. Fairmont management claims that employees feel empowered because they have an ownership in the programs. Questions 1. What arguments could be advanced both for and against the use of employee empowerment? 2. Assume you are a manager at Fairmont. What would you do differently to further empower employees? 3. Let us say that employees begin to resist the changes and prefer to perform their traditional duties. How would you manage such resistance and at the same time sustain empowerment? Case study # 3 - Onboarding at capital power Capital Power is an independent power producer, based in Edmonton, Alberta, but with operations across North America. It has an aggressive growth strategy with the goal of tripling its generating capacity by 2020. With this strategy, Capital Power needs to increase its workforce of 950 employees and retain the talent
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