1 Coronthians

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In 1 Corinthians Paul is addressing a problem in the church where the congregation is out of order while speaking in tongues during the church assembly. The objective in studing this book is to understand the use of tongues in an assembly. The other reason is to understand the principle that govern the assembly of of the church. To understand this passage one must disect it verse by verse 1-5 tell us something concerning the gift of utterence was wrong this error could bring reproach to the church so Paul intervine through the gift of prophesy to put the church in order. I think Paul new the gifts God gave him, and new it was his dutie to apply it to his service to God and his people. The first thing Paul told the people is follow…show more content…
THEREFORE, since all who are God's are to receive the Spirit, and ALL are to "prophesy" (i.e. speak by inspiration), they also are ALL to speak in tongues. Most people who argue against tongues as the sign of Holy Ghost Baptism are people who have never experienced such a thing, and who for the life of them will not experience such a thing. i. Revelation: Paul may be speaking of his own awareness that he was being uniquely inspired as an apostle. There may have been times when Paul knew, with apostolic authority, His words were directly and infallibly from God. ii. Knowledge: Paul may be speaking of his own knowledge, or by supernatural knowledge given by the Holy Spirit. Whichever, the knowledge would be communicated in the language common to all, so all could profit. iii. Prophesying: Paul knew he could speak by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, with a sense his thoughts and words were being guided and blessed by the Holy Spirit. iv. Teaching: Paul could also profit others by speaking to them from the Scriptures themselves,

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