1. Describe What You Did. This Does Not Mean That You Copy

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1. Describe what you did. This does not mean that you copy and paste from what you have posted or the assignments you have prepared. You need to describe what you did and how you did it. For the last three days, I’ve devoted 5 hours, or more, per day to studying Chapter 1 in the python book, and studying the other reading material located in the Learning Guide section of CS 1101 week 1. Then, after taking the self-quiz, I recognized what to study in order to pass the test better; I should study all the learning material pertaining to python, and I should study all the material pertaining to the history of computer programming languages. So now, I’m going to restudy the learning material, take special notes about sections having to do with…show more content…
Now, I want to revise my learning material notes following re studying the material placing special focus on these sections I described(python, and the history of programming languages). I received grades between 78 to 92 percent on this week’s self-quiz, but I want to revise, and strive to achieve a 100 percent. My reaction is, “I think I’ve correlated the relationship between study material and test questions, and the proof will be retaking the self-quiz, receiving a 100 percent after revising my study notes, and study habits.” Also, I noticed that info correlating to the test is outlined in the course learning material intro. I am reacting to this correlation proclaiming it is helpful to read, and will help me get a 100 percent on the self quiz. So, I revised my study habits, and I received a 99 percent on the self-quiz. I want to continue revising my study habits, so I can remember the answers on this week’s self quiz. 4. Describe your feelings and attitudes. I really like learning about computers. 5. Describe what you learned. I learned what the history of computers(starting with the Automatic Sequence Control Calculator of 1939), memory,(capacitors, rotating drums, vacuum tube accumulators, delay lines with quarts) compilers, programming languages, the evolution of standalone software in memory,

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