1. Discuss The Major Changes That Have Occurred In The

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1. DISCUSS THE MAJOR CHANGES THAT HAVE OCCURRED IN THE LAST 30 YEARS AND EXPLAIN HOW THIS HAS “CREATED” THE NEED FOR CREWING AGENCIES. The maritime transport industry has gone through tremendous changes in the last fifty years. New technologies have been introduced to improve operational and management efficiencies while globalization has given rise to a competitive business environment in the face of 4 th IAMU General Assembly growing demands for maritime transport. The contemporary maritime industry, in spite of a clear trend of consolidation and co-operation among firms, remain highly competitive. Customer service has become a matter of pervasive focus for firms in the industry while specialization, with respect to service and…show more content…
Therefore for ship owners to survive in this era of declining trend in freight rate and the strict requirements of international conventions on safety, attention must be turned towards developing countries for cheap but qualified and experienced seafarers by assisting in the provisions of training facilities and equipments to meet the STCW 95 standard requirement for manpower capacity development to meet the international maritime labor demand. crewing agencies help shipping companies to meet the global demand of qualified skilled manpower supply according to the international standards enforced by maritime organizations and flag state control of different countries. The important function of crewing agents are out lined below: Provide seafarers orientation on recruitment policies and procedures, terms and conditions of employment and other relevant information. Ensure that any seafarer recruited or deployed by them is qualified and holds the documents necessary for the job concerned ,Ensure that contracts of employment are in accordance with any applicable laws, regulations and collective bargaining agreements., Ensure that seafarers are informed of their rights and duties under their contracts of employment and the articles of agreement prior to or in the process of engagement, Ensure that proper arrangements are made for seafarers to examine their contracts of employment and articles of agreement before and
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