1. Does A Good Life Require Us To Pursue Just One Intrinsic

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1. Does a good life require us to pursue just one intrinsic value or several? I am a Prudential Pluralist because for me best life is combination of several values. In my perspective, mental peace is hard to achieve by just focusing and adapting on one single value. I prefer different values because “Life is not linear; you have ups and downs, it’s how you deal with the troughs that defines you”. Following just one value limit my thoughts and make my life unidirectional. As I have examined throughout my life that my views are not always stable, they are different in different situations, so having only one value is not a stable way of living life. My life has 9 intrinsic values; Biological wisdom, Love, Friendship, Caring,…show more content…
There is one more famous quote “Sewa kart hoye nihkami , tis ko hoye prapat swami” that means one who perform selfless service without any desire for reward will certainly get to know ultimate truth of life and will surely live a successful and happy meaningful life. 3. Are there facts to be discovered about what will give someone a good life, or is a good life just matter of personal opinion or preference? I am a Moderate Prudential Objectivist, best of life is different for different people and what someone want from his life tends to be different. However, I also believe that there are times when my personal opinions are wrong and I need to follow subjective choices. I tend to follow subjective choices when I am not quite sure whether my opinions are good for me or not. Whenever I need to take crucial decisions about my career, I always consult subjective resources and choices. I always use to get insight and consultation from my professors, parents and friends. I do not want to get everything I want but, I surely want to get things that are good for me. For me the best life does not depend on materialistic things like money, fame etcetera. I agree with Sir William David Ross theory of Natural Law that highlights “Prime facie principles” i.e. “valid or moral rules of action that one can generally adhere to but, in case of moral conflict, mat be
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