1. Dropping The Mic. . . Dropping The Mic. James M. Atkinson.

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Dropping the Mic

Dropping the Mic
James M. Atkinson
Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Authors Note: This paper was prepared for ENG-1105, Section 1, Winter 2017 (CRN: 40049) College Writing I. Copyright 2017, James M. Atkinson, All Rights Reserved

Dropping the Mic (A Remembered Event)
Weddings are a powerfully special time, and in the lead up to the pronouncement by the minister of the unbreakable binds of the newly married couple, and their presentation to the congregation there are many twists and turns where the parents of the new couple must appears with an abundance of humor, and more then a little patience.
My first experience with my getting my first two daughters married was one of those moments in time,
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Seventeen years later, all of my older children were lined up at the front of the church, with the minister in the middle, along with the siblings of their soon to be husbands. My oldest daughters wanted to get married at the same time, and no amount of fatherly persuasion could convince them otherwise, so I walked both of them down-the-aisle at the same time, one on the right arm, and the other on the left. My younger children carried and threw flower petals, or carried the rings, and other ceremonial portions of the service.
More than anything, I was simply praying that my daughters would be serious enough not to pull any pranks during the service, or for one of them to catch fire during the service as one of the men of honor had done the night of dress rehearsals when he backed into a lit candle and his mullet ignited.
Our minister knew these two girls, plus their 12 other biological siblings, and the half dozen other adopted children my wife and I raised, and at times buried. The minister who performed their dedication in infancy was also the same one who was about to perform the marriage, and he knew my kids penchant for creative mischief, but all of them had sworn to be on their best behavior and all of them of course promised that there would be no pranks at their own weddings.
The two oldest had a track record, a very long and hard to explain track record, but they were creative,
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