1. Fifty Miles From Tomorrow, Written By Alaskan Democratic

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Fifty Miles From Tomorrow, written by Alaskan democratic politician William L. Iġġiaġruk Hensley, is a collection of memoirs aimed at telling the story of a dying way of life in the State of Alaska. Repeatedly, explains common life for the family who saved him from an abusive household to go live in the northern wilderness within an organized social community. Within the Prologue of this series of recollections, Hensley briefly explains how big oil and a greed for land made possible by European economic expansion and general industrialism affected the lives of the Indigenous people who had their ancestral roots buried deep in traditions and customs that had been handed down through generations in Alaska. His explanation serves
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This is appropriate, as both of these stories are aimed at being time capsules for a dying way of life as a means of cataloguing history. Just as Ishmael explained the art and trivialities of life as a whaler during the mid-1800’s, Hensley informatively outlines the activities and encounters regularly experienced by an Alaskan within an Indigenous community. These lifestyles met severe limitations, such as designating specific and exclusive roles for community members based on their sex (27&42-43); the importance of a cohesive community to promote surviving the open country (19); a lack of education to enable reading or writing skills (20); and the depravity of the people from basic medical and dental technologies available in other parts of the world, at the time (57). Gradually, it is explained how the rest of the world slowly poured into the territories of Alaska around the edges in the form of incoming trade shipments (65), the advancement of the film industry (62), and the encroachment of capitalist oil drilling (3).

An informative expression of Iñupiaq culture during the 1900’s, Hensley explains the expectations of his own tribal circle and how the traditions of his ancestors affected their current perspectives and ways of life. Frequently, Hensley expresses the importance of stoicism

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