1. In The Matrix, The “Matrix” Is An Idealized World That

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1. In The Matrix, the “matrix” is an idealized world that is essentially a computer simulation which prevents humans from seeing the real world, which is full of many difficult troubles and dangerous situations. The Matrix prevents humans from seeing this truth about the real world and allows for humans to live in a simulated world representative of life in the year 1999. Meanwhile, in The Allegory of the Cave, the cave is a cave where three prisoners have been chained up for their whole lives. These prisoners have their legs and necks chained so that they can only look straight ahead at the cave wall in front of them. There is a fire behind the prisoners so that the prisoners are only able to view the shadows of the movements behind them…show more content…
Morpheus and his crew initially believe that Neo is “the one” to free mankind from the trappings of the matrix and to expose humans to the real world outside of the matrix. Meanwhile, the escaped prisoner is set free from the cave and is forcefully dragged into the sunlight. Over time, the escaped prisoner adjusts to the brightness of the world outside of the cave and learns that the reality he once believed to be true in regards to the shadows is not actually true. The escaped prisoner eventually believes that life outside of the cave is much more profound than life inside of the cave and wants to bring the other prisoners into the real world. However, the other prisoners do not believe what the escaped prisoner is telling them about the real world as they have never left the cave and do not want to leave the cave. The purposes of Neo and the escaped prisoner are similar because they are set free from the worlds they have lived in their whole lives to discover the truth about the world. Both Neo and the escaped prisoner similarly aspire to bring others into the light about the realities of the worlds they both live in, but face various challenges along the way, in Neo’s case destructive technology and violence and in the prisoner’s case ignorance and stubbornness. Both characters attempt to use their newly-discovered truths about the realities of their lives to free other characters from
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