1. Introduction Japan has very significant characteristics in terms of their economic power

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1. Introduction Japan has very significant characteristics in terms of their economic power either in the Asia- Pacific region or around the world. After World War II the Japanese economy was deeply affected by shortages, inflation, and currency devaluation means that Japanese economy was bankrupt position. Therefore, Japan passed under the control of US in the post- Second World War period. From this point, economic transformation or recovery or development has started in Japan with the impacts of US and Japanese governments. Besides this economic aid, US also guided Japan in democratization and demilitarization whereas Japanese government had direct role dealing with those developments different from what happened in Germany at that…show more content…
That signals the changes in Japan after rapid growth. Hence, I will introduce social effects of post-war economic development in Japan by focusing on particular areas in the third part of my research. In order to obtain information about post-war Japanese society, as I mentioned, economic transformation should be known. This will contribute to understand more easily transition from bankruptcy to welfare country in the case of Japan. However, consequences of economic development have been deeply affected to Japanese society in terms of negative and positive. Positive results of economic recovery are labeled as urbanization, high quality of education, better railways and highways, narrowing income gap between poor and rich, growing life expectancy and so on. In contrary to positives, there also emerged some negatives such as overpopulation of urban and depopulation of rural, environmental degradation and weakening of social cohesion like regional community and family relationships. They are just prominent examples. It has more profound and broad developments that have affected to Japanese society in post-war period. Therefore, I would like to focus on reflections of post-war economic recovery to the Japanese society and answer to how ordinary people been affected. My purpose on this paper is to demonstrate how economic implementations create such an environment where people both suffered and enjoyed. In that way, my argument will support that positively
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