1. Introduction: Pestle Analysis And Scenario Planning.

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1. Introduction: PESTLE analysis and Scenario Planning The external environment includes all the external factors affecting the organisations (on which organisations have limited influence) and whose knowledge is required to identify opportunities and threats in order to react appropriately. The first layer of the external environment is called macro environment and comprises several broad dimensions, such as Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal (PESTEL) which are likely to affect the organisation (Kelly and Ashwin, 2015 cited p. 22). Understanding how these forces are intertwined within the industry in exam is pivotal and helps an organisation in the definition of its strategy. While though the PESTLE analysis…show more content…
2.2 Economic As the company is publicly listed, the stock exchange affects its financial situation. In addition, the organisation operates both in the UK and the US, therefore, exchange rate is also key for transactions. Access to European and American markets may have a strong impact on the organisation, especially when considering health insurance models operating in these countries. 2.3 Social Social factors including, age distribution and demographic provide threats and opportunities to this industry. These factors play a critical role in international and global markets and they are strictly intertwined to the firm’s decision of which product to launch on the market. When age distribution is analysed, it could improve the understanding of which therapies will be required in the future. 2.4 Technological Constant technological advances are required to maintain a competitive advantage. New and better products are necessary to differentiate from the competitors, in fact, an organisation failing to maintain technological improvements leave opportunities for new entrants (Porter, 2008). The critical points required to capitalise on opportunities are improved products (which is considered technology itself), automation, improved cyber-security and the development of personalised treatments. 2.5 Legal Legal aspects affecting

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