1.Introduction:. The English Language Plays An Unparalleled

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1. Introduction: The English language plays an unparalleled role in the educational system, mass media, courts, administration, commerce and industry in India. English has formed a deep psychological association with most Indians. It is firmly believed that a thorough knowledge of English is indispensable if one wants to come up in life. But the same kind of English cannot be taught to students belonging to different streams, in other words, the English that we teach our young students must suit their tastes and serve their needs. With the diversification of the activities and professions comes the need to teach English differently to different groups to suit their different objectives. A medical practitioner does not require what a…show more content…
In this paper, we would try to make a modest attempt at identifying certain factors that may need scholarly attention and objective revision. Some of these factors are not unknown to the scholars in the field, and some other factors are already in practice, but we sincerely believe that an objective look at these factors may help to improve the situation. Unlike in the past, the English language teaching now has acquired new dimensions in order to fit itself in all the domains in which it is used. Communicative skills in English what are expected today and one’s progressing life in practical every domain require at least a basic knowledge of English. This changing scenario of English in India makes it necessary for us to take a closer look at the English language teaching in India, the methods the syllabi to see whether it meets all these demands. In spite of our best efforts to promote Indian languages in all spheres of knowledge, it is still not feasible for us to replace English with Indian languages in every field. On the other hand, the importance of English and the use of English have increased manifold, if anything. With the increasing global importance of English, we cannot shut our eyes to the reality, and hence, naturally we continue to use English and teach English evermore in various fields. Today we use
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