1 Introduction. This Literature Review Contributes To The

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1 Introduction This literature review contributes to the activities of the coaching process in ‘EXT 8888’ Medical Device Company by reviewing current good practice in coaching and will cover the following: Background and development of coaching, key areas of coaching, coaching methodologies, coaching models, coaching and leadership development, best practice in the areas of workplace coaching. The output of this review will examine the relevance of coaching in the context of people development and will contribute to the knowledge of how to achieve a uniform approach to Team Leader development within EXT 8888 Cork by using coaching techniques and the development of a coaching plan. 2 Context Since 2010, coaching has been cited in several…show more content…
Coaching is one of the strategies that will assist the company to attract and retain talent of those staff who play critical roles in the organisation and who possess skills sets vital to organisational operations and performance. 3 What Is Coaching Defining coaching is not a straightforward exercise. For the purposes of this review we have identified the main definitions to offer an overview of coaching theory, models and practice most pertinent to the manufacturing industry. The term coaching comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning carriage, in other words, something that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. Kennedy (Kennedy, 2009) lists the following definitions • The art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another • Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance • Closing the gap between thinking about doing and doing • Coaching is about performing at your best through the individual and private assistance of someone who will challenge, stimulate and guide you to keep growing. • Coaching is about getting results and helping clients understand their way of generating problems. Coaching assists a client in defining what they want, removing obstacles, setting goals, and striving for balance and fulfilment. Coaching is recognised as an effective organisational development tool which has solid foundations in psychology, philosophy and education and derives many of its principles and practices
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