1. Introduction University management nowadays has to do all their best in order to organize an

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1. Introduction
University management nowadays has to do all their best in order to organize an efficient work for students and the staff. The competition of university is strictly connected with facilities provided by it. Modern society has new requirements to university resources that support educational process comparing with those ones for the last 20 years. Information systems (IS) became an extremely useful tool for university management.
There are various types of IS in university that support different types of business processes. For example, learning management systems are used for delivering the courseware to students and tracking of their progress, storing their results and communication with teachers [1]. Learning content
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It works on two most popular platforms – Android and iOS. In particular, it allows students to review and manage course schedule, activate the alerts for some lectures, communicate with teachers, post information and contacts, send messages. It also has communication and support tools, university map and news services. Teachers can use MY KAU mobile software for research purposes, for instance, to search for some article or conference proceedings. Various accounting functionality can be useful for administrative personnel.
As the number of universities IS users constantly grows, the issues of software quality seem to be quite relevant in such situation. The elaborated software must provide the reliable work of its users seven days a week and must be as efficient and comfortable as possible. The importance of questions related to software quality is proved by Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK), which is the guideline for all specialist in this domain [7]. One of its areas directly discusses software quality fundamentals, processes and requirements.
The given work is devoted to IS usability and users attitude study of MY KAU mobile application as the essential characteristics of software quality.
The rest of this paper is organized in the following way. Section 2 determines the place of usability among other software quality characteristics. The usability evaluation approaches are considered
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