1. Over The Course Of The Past Year, Uber’S Reputation

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1. Over the course of the past year, Uber’s reputation has been in hot water due to internal sexual harassment allegations, a series of publicly exposed incidents, the CEO’s alleged support of Donald Trump and other inappropriate interoffice behaviors. In March, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced that he is seeking to appoint a “number two executive” in what experts are calling a “make-or-break” attempt to survive a series of recent crisis in the media. Several communication experts have noted that appointing a woman may be his saving grace to veering customers away from the continued frat-boy company image. They also believe that a woman can a lead a series of reforms, start educational endowments that encourage more women to pursue…show more content…
By taking steps to show that both the CEO and Uber are maturing as whole, the company can then be viewed as less of a fraternity and more as the $26 billion-dollar company it really is.

2. These series of events shed a very negative light on Uber’s reputation. It exposes the level of immaturity and lack of care in the company at an executive level. Dealing with serious issues like sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace is a no brainer when it comes maintaining a company’s corporate reputation. Since its conception, Uber has fought extremely hard to gain legalization and momentum in the market, not only with local governments, the taxi cab commission but also with the public. Uber immediately took off because of its money saving appeal to customers by showing the benefits of a ride sharing app that could save them hundreds or even thousands in taxi cab rides, thus establishing a solid positive reputation. After fighting so hard to establish the company and succeed, why throw it all away for issues that could easily be addressed?
Sexual harassment is a very significant issue that companies strongly address with their human resources department to reiterate the importance of reporting and preventing it and as well as other reputation detrimental issues in the work place. The fact that a female professional reported the sexual harassment to HR and nothing was done about it sends a clear message to

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