1.Provide A Brief Overview Of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

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1. Provide a brief overview of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Your definition should include key concepts/assumptions of CBT as well as the therapeutic process (e.g., structure, therapist role, client role). Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a mixture of both Cognitive Therapy (CT), which deals with a person’s thoughts and Behavioral Therapy (BT), which concentrates on an individual’s overt or outside personality. According to Barbara P. Early and Melissa D. Grady, CT specializes in the mental process that can affect an individual’s feelings and behavior, while BT is focusing on the external environment that can cause the behaviors, such as a stimulus (Early & Grady, 2016). The use of the two therapies together allows the…show more content…
These can typically last from one year to a year and half that includes individual or group therapy. It mainly concentrates on the maladaptive thoughts. Behavioral techniques are incorporated into therapy, such as homework assignments and role playing. Sabine Keller et al mentions that DBT has five components that are essential for it to be effective: individual therapy, skills training group therapy, therapists’ consultation, phone consultation between each session, and the structure of the client’s environment (Keller, et al., 2017). DBT is a complicated therapeutic treatment since it combines four modes (individual therapy, group skills training, constant phone support and consultation meetings) as well as four modules (conscientiousness, distress tolerance, social relationship influence and regulation of emotions). As stated by Thomas A. Field, the reasoning for the modality is to allow the clients to discover how to develop coping skills to manage emotional distress (Field, 2016). b. Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) Schema Therapy (Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy or SFT) is used to assist individuals in changing negative patterns that they have been living with for a while. The Schema-Focused model was originally created by Dr. Jeff Young, who works closely with Dr. Aaron Beck (founder of Cognitive Therapy). The
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