1. Ravikumar,Prashanth. Summary:. The Two Articles I Performed

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1 Ravikumar,Prashanth Summary: The two articles I performed critical evaluation were “Linking Master Data Management to Big Data” and “When big data goes lean”. The article “Linking Master Data Management to Big Data” provides a helpful perspective connection between MDM and Big Data. The article provides two main perspectives about the link between Big Data and MDM. First is the impact of Big Data on MDM tools and strategies depicted by Gartner. In this portion the author articulates on how Organizations’ MDM program would help business to manage the relationships between the master data - internal data that organizations collect, and the big data - those that flow from external sources. The author also talks about the impending trend on…show more content…
In the article, Author explains challenges facing the MDM programs and need to warp a strong business case around the MDM programs. He cites with an example where he illustrates the way a business could achieve a goal which is to reduce the number of outstanding invoices not paid by the customers; and also when it comes to inventory management. The Author emphasizes how master data and data governance could help the business to achieve their goals.The author of the book takes a parallel stand point. The author articulates about the three major benefits such as risk mitigation, cost control and revenue optimization, a company could achieve by implementing data improvement and efficient data governance. The Author further talks about how poor data quality and lack of integration could prove destructive for business. Another stand point in which the article stays consistent with the book is the role of senior leadership team. Both the authors agree that traction from top management team is imperative to fully realize the benefit of MDM program. Both believe that such a change in business operation in deploying MDM program should be implemented in a top-down fashion. One stand point, in which the article contradicts with the book, is description of master data. According to the book, master data gives an accurate 360-degree view of the business entities. As

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