1.Specific Values. A.Dignity And Human Worth Of The Person.

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1. Specific Values A. Dignity and human worth of the person • “Social workers seek to enhance client’s capacity and opportunity to change and to address their own needs” code of ethics of the NASW. • It is this social worker’s job to make sure the client understands that it is their job to help them. By pointing out your concerns you are doing your job. B. Integrity • “Social workers behave in a trustworthy manner” code of ethics of the NASW. • This social work was behaving in a trustworthy manner, but did not draw a line when the relationship continued on and became too friendly. 2. Specific Ethics A. Commitment to Clients • “Social workers’ primary responsibility is to the promote the well-being of clients” code of ethics of the NASW.…show more content…
• These boundaries should have been set these boundaries either before or after hugging the client or the children. E. Social Worker’s Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues • Consultation i. “Social workers should seek the advice and counsel of colleagues whenever such consultation is in the best interest of clients” code of ethics of the NASW. ii. It seems from the situation that the social worker had known the relationship had gone too far when she received an invite to one of the children’s birthday party. Once she realizes she should have talked with her supervisor or colleagues to get advice. 3. 8 step process a. A relationship between the social worker and the client has come to the point where the social worker is considered family. b. i. The children call the social worker Auntie and hug you. The client (father) says “Hey, I need my hug, too!” The social worker is invited to the younger child’s birthday party. ii. The social worker addresses with the client concerns about the living conditions in the apartment. The client becomes upset, because he considered the social worker family and now is being judged by her. iii. The social worker should have set clear boundaries for the practitioner/client relationship according to the code of ethics. iv. The social worker did not attend the birthday party. c. Get feedback from supervisor and/or colleagues. And see what advice they have to offer. d. The following values and ethical standards apply to this

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