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Stakeholder and information needs:
Accounts used to satisfy information requirements.
Owners: Likely to be concerned with all aspects of the business including profitability and financial sustainability.
Financial Accounts: Profit, cash position, assets, balance sheets and income statements.
Employees: occupational health and safety compliance obligations, Fair work and minimum pay conditions, Superannuation obligations and job security.

Social Accounts: Safe work practices, supplier screening processes.
Environmentalists: Pollution, carbon footprint and other environmental issues.

Environmental Accounts: Carbon footprint, recycling policy, use of water.

Government: Provide financial information in order to assess their tax
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A social impact in the extraction of raw materials is the effect that it would cause on the local community. This would be good as the company should ensure that their supplier provide jobs for the local community and it would then make the local community thrive as result making it a positive effect and should be written in social reports to maximise the benefit and they should promote their assistance of the local community. A social impact in the manufacturing stage of the supply chain is child labour. The computers being made in developing countries often people are so desperate resulting in children being exploited. They make these children work long hours for less than minimum wage. This is highly unethical and the company should regulate their suppliers rigorously ensuring that they hire employees of working age and provide them with fair pay. By doing this the business would be socially responsible resulting in the increase in popularity of their company resulting in higher dividends for shareholder and increase profit margins. An environmental issue that can arise in manufacturing is the amount of carbon emission from the factory. The company can minimise this by introducing greener energy supplies which would result in the decrease of their carbon footprint thus resulting in the company being more environmentally friendly.
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