1 Strategic Planning, Learning Theory, and Training Needs Analysis

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Running head: Assignment 1 Strategic Planning, Learning Theory, and Training Needs Analysis Assignment 1: Strategic Planning, Learning Theory, and Training Needs Analysis KorVina Hunter Professor Robert High BUS 407 December 9, 2011 The analysis phase defines what needs to be trained. Next, an instructional design is crafted to meet this need. Only after the design is complete are the instructional materials developed. During development, individual and group tryouts of the materials are conducted. Results are iteratively fed back into design and development. Evaluation is a central feature of ISD and is performed in each phase. The phases are: Phase 1: Analysis…show more content…
Storyboards and initial prototypes of the training solution are proposed and reviewed with the client. Feedback is received, and initial training solutions begin to take shape. Types of training solutions, classroom, web-based and blended learning programs are discussed and explored. Much like an architect's renderings, the blueprint for your training solution begins to take shape Development is the phase of the training design model where the training program is created and written. Whether the program is classroom-based or designed to be taken online, materials are created and produced in this phase. The design phase produced the outline or blueprint, but it is in this portion of the training model where everything comes together in production. Supporting materials are produced, trainers are trained, and the target audience is notified of the training dates. Your training program is delivered to your employees in the implementation phase of the training model. Classes are taught or taken online. Students receive their training and practice how to use their new skills. Materials and training products are distributed to participants, and classes begin. Initial results are measured, and the program begins to take shape in your company. If the preceding phases are conducted properly, implementation runs smoothly and the training is taken and received as it was intended. Evaluation completes the training

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