1.The Plaintiffs Have Suffered Physical And Financial Loss

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1. The Plaintiffs have suffered physical and financial loss in relation to the following properties: (a) Onehunga property (‘Onehunga’) (b) Herne Bay villa (‘Herne Bay’) 2. The unlawful actions and omissions of each of the Defendants have caused that loss. 3. The First Defendant is sued for his conduct as the Plaintiffs’ real estate agent in connection with an agreement for the sale of the Onehunga property from the Plaintiffs to Hugh’s Property Portfolio Limited, and the Herne Bay agreement. 4. The Second Defendant is sued for his conduct while in possession of the Onehunga property, pending settlement of the Herne Bay property. 5. The Third Defendant is sued for his conduct as the Plaintiffs’ solicitor in connection with the…show more content…
Particulars The purchaser of the Onehunga property, Hugh’s Property Portfolio Limited, is a shelf company. The Second Defendant would take immediate possession on behalf of his daughter Poppy, who would reside in the property. The result of the deferred Onehunga settlement was that the Herne Bay settlement and Onehunga settlement would coincide. 14. The First Defendant created an agreement to reflect the terms agreed upon by the Plaintiffs and the Second Defendant. The First Defendant ensured the settlement date of the Onehunga agreement coincided with the Herne Bay settlement date. The Plaintiffs did not immediately sign this agreement. They communicated to the First Defendant that they wanted to seek legal advice before signing. 15. In his capacity as agent, the First Defendant recommended the Third Defendant as solicitor. 16. The Plaintiffs engaged the Third Defendant as their solicitor to advise them. In consequence of his advice, the Plaintiffs signed the Onehunga agreement. 17. The First Defendant reminded the

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