1.The Role Of The Project Manager On Construction Projects..

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1.The role of the project manager on construction projects. Generally, as a project manager, he(or she) should be able to have thorough control of time, cost and quality of the project, and have the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project. The following are some specifications: 1) Leader of the team A project manager should form and lead a team which has the professionals and specialists, and enable them to devote their best energies to the project. Any project can be decomposed into smaller tasks, each task require different knowledge and experience, in a project team, specialists and professionals can bring those necessary knowledge and…show more content…
Also, he(or she) should be aware that anytime, unpredictable risks and problems may occur. 2. The processes the project manager needs to follow in order to successfully deliver a project. Explain five traits of a good Project Manager. To successfully deliver a project, the project manager should follow the next 4 processes 1) Project initiation In this process, the project manager should collect all the information of the project to determine the objective and the feasibility of the project, and create a project initiation document which contains all the groundwork for the construction plan. 2) Planning Before the project is actually executed, it is crucial to have a comprehensive project plan which provides all the possible information for every stakeholder who is involved. During the planning process, planning time, costs and resources for the project is the main priority of the whole project. 3) Monitoring Constant monitoring and measuring of the ongoing project enables manager to compare the actual periodical result with expected plan. Minor problems which are detected early can be solved with minimum of effort. If there emerges any significant deviations, inevitable actions can be promptly implemented to bring the project back on track. 4) Project closure Closure is
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