1.The Teacher Is The Fountain Of All Knowledge.". I Partially

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1. The teacher is the fountain of all knowledge." I partially agree but more largely do not see a teacher as a fountain of all knowledge, though a vital element in the learning process. In some contexts though, a teacher could be viewed as a fountain of knowledge. If we are looking at the junior primary school learners, the idea will fit in without dispute. This is because the kids are fully dependent passive learners that depend on, and believe in all that the teacher says and does. The teacher as a role model is very vital to such learners that still need to be nurtured to become active learners. In this context, “everything about the outcome of the child “…….it lies largely in his teacher’s hand to mold the mind of the child” (Madan…show more content…
I see this daily with the instructor of UNIV 1001B - AY2017-T4 (UoPeople Student Portal, n.d) of the UoPeople. After following all the students’ assignments, she gathers all common errors and weaknesses, addresses them with motivating guidelines on how to correct them and then alerts each student with peculiar areas of concerns. Knowledge is a teacher’s requirement but it is only” through their commitment to excellence and through their ability to make us realize our own personal growth”, (Education Science Tips, n.d ) that they could serve as fountains from which student’s ambitions spring out. 2. What is the perception of the roles of a teacher and students in your country? The role in teachers in Cameroon is generally perceived as one who is expected to produce good numeric results by driving theories into the mind of students. This role is driven by the fact that the education system was founded mainly on acquisition of general knowledge that does not require active involvement in practical work. Parents are slowly gaining their inclusive role in the education of their as compared to the past where the teacher was fully responsible for the student’s academic, moral and physical training. The teacher is still however, perceived as a servant who has been paid to produce an intelligent child and handover a child with bright numeric results. Government policy is slowly

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