1-To-1 Mentorship Paper

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The creation of a mentorship program is not an easy task. In developing a program for mentorship, many factors must be considered. The first of these factors in the relationship between a mentor and mentee. The program proposed in this paper focuses on developing a 1-to-1 mentorship experience. Prior to the initiation of the mentor-mentee relationship, it is essential to consider preparation of both mentor and mentee. Poronsky (2012) indicated that sufficient preparation of both the mentor and mentee is vital for a successful mentorship relationship. As part of the proposed program, the mentors and the mentee would attend trainings prior to the initiation of the mentorship program to set forth the purposes and expectations of all parties…show more content…
The training of the mentors would involve teaching them about transformational leadership as one element of becoming a mentor. Leaders must have certain characteristics to effectuate change. Transformational leaders pinpoint the need for change, and guide the team through the execution of those changes. This type of leader portrays charisma, is well educated, humble, and inspires peers to accomplish exceptional results (Marshall, 2011). Mentoring using a transformational leadership approach can create a vision to guide novice nurse practitioners as they progress in their new roles. Transformational leaders can inspire novice NPs to express areas in which the novice NP is struggling, without feeling incompetent. Furthermore, a transformational leader can assist novice NP’s in developing self-awareness and improving self-management (Marshall, 2011). Rich et al. (2015) developed a model for a two-day mentorship workshop that included teaching mentors the foundations of them mentorship relationship so mentors would know how to help the NP learn and assist the NP in taking action
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