1.To What Degree Did The Feminist Movement Bring About

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1. To what degree did the feminist movement bring about a shift in American society and culture? How does the film 9 to 5 comment on this shift? Compare and contrast 9 to 5, both in its production and content, to at least two other class films featuring women in the professional workplace. The feminist movement during the 1970s brought about a shift in American society and culture to a degree that allowed for several changes to occur. The film Nine to Five comments on this shift through its writing and characters. Like Nine to Five there are two other films featuring women in the professional workplace that are Kramer vs Kramer and Network. The feminist movement “was divided in the early 1970s and would grow more so as the decade…show more content…
Women won prominent numbers of delegate seats at the national conventions, that lead to impact on the two parties platforms. Consequently, in 1968, women had occupied just 13 percent of the Democratic Convention and four years afterwards 40 percent of the delegates were women. By 1972 women in the Republican Convention moved from 17 percent to 30 percent of the seats (Schulman, The Seventies, 166). Also, other major shifts brought on by the feminist movement were “new laws prohibited mainstream precipitated substantial policy changes during the 1970s. New laws prohibited sex discrimination in the armed services and educational institutions, and employment discrimination against pregnant women. The Women’s Educational Equity Act Program, enacted in 1974, provided federal funds to public schools that actively countered sex role stereotypes and promoted equality of women’s educational opportunities (Schulman, The Seventies, 167).” Also, they fought for abortions to be safe and legal, which in 1973 was legalized across the United States by the supreme court due to Roe v Wade (Schulman, The Seventies, 167-168). By the late 1970s feminists attempted to diversify their concerns for more marginalized communities, such as those
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