1.Training, Acceptance And Moral Courage.The First Failing

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1. Training, acceptance and Moral courage. The first failing was in assessing Sir Malcolm’s present suitability for the role of DLO; by both the MoD and himself. Sir Malcolm stated ‘I don’t believe I was qualified to do the job, for want of a better word, fully’ but he never felt he was able to share this point prior to taking up the role of CDL. On the part of the MoD, even a wavetop assessment of the current state of the DLO and it’s transformation programme would have either yielded a plan to extend Sir Sam Cowan’s tenure or to seek out the most qualified person possible based on previous experience and training. There are many roles in the RAF which people take up feeling under prepared due to lack of provided training (normally due…show more content…
To not tell the Emperor he is not wearing any clothes is not acceptable in todays military; it demonstrates poor followership. His acceptance of the task (which in itself was assumed rather than specifically given), and lack of flexibility in the face of a changing backdrop (increased operational tempo with the beginning of Op TELIC) could be connected back to his lack of training and experience. Sir Malcolm felt the need to attend only a 2 week course at the IMD business school in Switzerland and had only 5 months of previous relevant experience as AOC logistics command. 2. Safety Cases. Another failing highlighted in the paper which could be traced back before Sir Malcolm’s time, but not addressed during it, is that of the failing nature of Defence Safety Cases. Again, a lack of formal training, and a reliance on out sourcing, was highlighted. A leader needs to ensure that their people are trained in what they require them to do. In this case the individual IPTs and indeed the hierarchy above them, were lacking in Safety Analysis training. The restructuring put forward by McKinsey was not challenged to the point that maybe it should have been; in order to do this the person challenging it must be coming from an informed position.

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