1. Understand Why Communication Is Important in the Work Setting

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1. Understand why communication is important in the work setting

1.1 Identify different reasons why people communicate:

People communicate for different reasons, to portray their feelings, emotions, pain, opinions, etc. To work with children and young people, communication plays a very important part to make sure that the best provision is created for all. There are many different reasons why people communicate. People communicate to share information and express a need. They communicate to learn new things and develop learning. People also communicate to discuss a situation, negotiate or make a point.

1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of own work

Communication is essential to all parts of work and is
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3.2 Demonstrate how to reduce barriers to communicate in different ways

Workers need to start with finding out why communication is not working before trying to improve communication skills. Workers should practice a new communication skill with a colleague or someone they trust before applying it in the work setting so they get more confident.

3.3 Demonstrate ways to check that communication has been understood

Active listening is the main key for understanding any kind of communication. Active listening means more than just hearing words. It means understanding what someone else is saying by making eye contact, body language and verbal responses.
Every worker should send their message using the right method preferred by the person they are communicating with and give feedback immediately whenever possible.

3.4 Identify sources of information and support or services to enable more effective communication

Line manager should be able to contact these services whenever they need them:
Translation services: This service can help with changing the written text from one language to another.
Interpreting services: This service can help with converting spoken language to another language.
Speech and language services: This service can support people who have had a stroke and have problems with their speech.

4. Be able to apply
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