1 Vs. 3-1 V. 1-2 Essay

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First, we must recognize that Paul was writing to Timothy who he left in charge of Ephesus. This was while Paul was on a mission, imprisoned, and, eventually martyred; therefore, he needed someone to handle the problems with false teaching in Ephesus (1Tim 1:3-4). Consequently, since Paul was trying to correct the false teaching, most of what is mention is for that time period; however, the principles can still be used today. V.1-2 is Paul expression to Timothy on how to correct the older men and women, he was much younger and old age was perceived to accompany wisdom. Paul understood this and was telling Timothy how to go about handling their correction; thus, a first century teaching that could be used today, but in a way of correcting all and by understanding of how to receive correction.…show more content…
At that time, providing for the widows was an essential role within the church, however, this provision was for those widows that could not help themselves—be it family members or neighbors. At that time, generation’s worth of families lived together and the younger were expected to take care of the elder. Therefore, the concern in this passage is to identify which widows should be provided for through the church—by not having any family members or anyone who could provide for them. In v.9-10 Paul is pointing out that if a widow can or has married again, they are able to help themselves and should not burden the church (which was poor to the extreme at the time). Today this passage should be used for how to take care of people in need. The American society is corrupt and disrespectful; thus, the church needs to step up and help those in need. Also, as stated in v.4, those who can take care of their family and do not, are not abiding by the Law of Love (signifying unbelief), which is not a sign of the workings of Christ in one’s
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