1. What Are Some Of The Barriers People Might Encounter

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1. What are some of the barriers people might encounter when seeking treatment and recovery services? Substance abuse is an issue many people underestimate. Some are in denial of being an drug or alcohol addict. First things first, one must admit to their issue, in order for them to seek the proper treatment. Once the individual admits to their addiction. Next step is to seek help. Whether it may be from a treatment facility, family based prevention and intervention program, cultural healing, or community and school based program. Regardless of the method they choose. There may be barriers preventing the individual from getting the proper treatment, depending on the treatment plan. According to a research done by Dr. Jaffe, he reported…show more content…
In 2016, I worked at a group home called Supportive Living Solutions, which catered to individuals with mental illness, who use drugs and alcohol. I worked as a mental health counselor. My role as a counselor was to supervise, administer medication, and counsel the clients. I was trained on substance harm reduction, which is a method that is in place to reduce alcohol and drug consumption. This method was effective, however, the method did not diminish the problem. The clients were allowed to consume drugs and alcohol, however, if we found drugs or alcohol on the premises, the client would automatically be terminated. Working at Supportive Living Solutions helped me to understand substance abusers. Working closely with my clients, and having that background knowledge on their addiction, helped me put into perspective, why they suffered from substance abuse. I sympathized with the clients. Helping them overcome the addiction was difficult. Especially since they were juggling mental illness and substance abuse, some of the clients were homeless. The clients had many stresses which led them to fall into the trap of drug and alcohol addiction. As you can imagine, the clients come from different backgrounds. Therefore, Supportive Living made the treatment center affordable. The government funded the facility, and most of the clients were in poverty or were homeless prior to coming to Supportive
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