1. What Did Richardson Think Makes A Good Manager?

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Growing Managers Case

Case Description

The case is about Melissa Richardson, middle manager (sales manager) of the multi-cultural organization, who’s been promoted and is challenging a number of factors at the workplace, that affects her and her team’s ability to perform well.

1.What does Richardson think makes a good manager?

From the case, we see that Melissa is very devoted to her work, and this opportunity to get promoted to Company ColorTech that she’s was waiting motivated her even more.
In her imagination, good managers should motivate the team, that unfortunately didn’t work well in her case. Also, good managers should be the leader, with liking, worldly and collaborative mind-sets. A good manager should know team members, their need, and opportunities. A good manager should think strategically. But all of the conception that she had regarding being good manager failed, as she still acted from salesperson perspective, still focusing on her job performance and following regional managers instruction, some of them she was unable to accomplish due to her inexperience. A good manager should develop trust with her team and provide a friendly environment within the working groups.
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One of the first things that she did and company provided her with management training courses. As she was never exposed to paperwork and management issues, that was the good incentive from company’s management, that helped her to understand her job duties better. More as soon as she started her job at the new place, she assembled basic information regarding her employees and organized in an individual meeting with them in the first week. Also, she took a tour around the office to get acquainted with the area where salespersons worked. She took stock of items to her new office, that she would require.

What mistakes did she
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