1.) What Do The First-Person Accounts Of Columbus And Champlain

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1.) What do the first-person accounts of Columbus and Champlain tell us about the European designs upon the New World lands and peoples, and in what specific phrasings do they express those designs? Christopher Columbus and Samuel De Champlain as early explorers and colonizers to the New World have specific agendas for the lands. Columbus was the first to travel to the New World and when he was there he wrote about his plan for the lands and its people. Columbus begins by colonizing these new lands through force and coercion of the Native American people. This leads to the first European design Columbus intends to enact and it is the conversion of the Native people to Christianity. Columbus states in his letter, “they might conceive…show more content…
What sets their explanations apart? William Bradford and John Winthrop both travel to the New World to their respective colonies with a purpose for them in mind. Bradford writes about coming to the New World and documents the great trials they go through to get there. The establishment of Plymouth colony is seen as a way to serve God’s purpose. Bradford sees the purpose of the Plymouth colony as a way to ensure religious freedom. As Bradford came to the New World in order to practice his religion freely and away from the persecution of England. Braford envisions a religiously free community that is agriculturally based and is humble in its economic status. Bradford also explains that everything that he and the other colonizers go through is for the future generations to prosper. Winthrop had a similar idea to that of Bradford. He too thought there was a religious purpose to his colony. Though his thoughts were slightly different from Bradford’s in the way that Winthrop talks about the social hierarchy in importance to the community. He speaks about how there is an unequal distribution of talents among the people. Though what Winthrop really preaches about in his writing is about love and looking forward to the future. He talks about how he wants his colony to be an example to all others in how the people and the social structure should be. He wants it to be the ideal community calling it the “Citty upon a hill”. Winthrop sees the goals of the
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