1.With Regards To Social Class, Thorsten Veblen Believed

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1. With regards to social class, Thorsten Veblen believed we make purchases, engage in activities, and engage in certain speech patterns to denote our social class. He called this "Conspicuous Consumption." What evidence of this do you see in each of the videos you watched and also in your personal lives? In the first video, I saw the way people think about social class. The people judge others depending on their money, clothes, work, house, car, and other factors to decide a person’s class and status. It was impressing to see how some high-class people said that they prefer having a certain type of vehicle or a certain type of house. The videos that showed people with a higher social class showed the activities in which those people…show more content…
People with money have a better life because they do not have to be worried about not having the money to pay for food or other necessities. Money is a big influence in a person’s social class because it provides for necessities. When people do not have sufficient money, they have to rely on government help if they qualify to pay for their food. It is interesting to see in the videos that people with less money have hope to succeed in life, but they also come to a point where they lose that hope because money is so essential in their lives to get an education to be able to get jobs and produce more money. 3. Why did Tammy not want to be on welfare and stay at home with her children? What did Tammy’s kids find embarrassing? How has Tammy changed or not changed? What barriers has her family faced in moving out of their current social class? Tammy has always been in the low class and her life wasn’t easy. Tammy was raised in a big family where it was difficult to get a good education. Tammy works at Burger King, where she doesn’t get paid a lot. She wants to show her children that they have to work hard, and she walks to work because she doesn’t have a car. She doesn’t want to stay at home with her children because she doesn’t lose hope of getting a higher education to help her family and have a better life. Tammy is very positive, but sometimes it’s hard for her to stay like that because she needs money. Tammy’s older son is embarrassed of her mom because of the clothes

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