1. Yes, I Read The Assignment In Full Detail.. 2. My Thoughts

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1. Yes, I read the assignment in full detail. 2. My thoughts on the age old issue of “Materialism vs. Theism” is dependent on the assumed position of God. We cannot begin to announce that there is no practical difference between a material and a theistic world without a thorough understanding of what is meant by the terms being used. It seems to be the case that materialism is commonly used to describe a world of mind-independent substances that are in stable, constant existence. Furthermore, theism seems to refer to an all-powerful being known as God. I can agree with James that, if it is the case that the world only seems to be spiritual in a sense and is actually completely material and not spiritual, that it is possible that I would…show more content…
3. His approach to the issue of of “Design in Nature” is that there is no sufficient condition to guarantee the nature of the world we experience. James tells us that the arguments of the past for intelligent design are no longer supported by our experience and, therefore must be false under all probable possibilities. He then explains that theologians have now reinterpreted their systems under the effects of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and found that there is no sufficient guarantee that the world was not, in fact, created. In other words, the world could very well have been created by God and evolution offers merely more information ot come to understand God’s creation. I believe that James is correct on this issue. There is overwhelming evidence that we came to be through a series of biological processes best explained by the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. There is no reasonable doubt that this theory is no the best among contenders. It is interesting to me, however, what this said about the nature of God if God did create humans in this way. There seems to be a large amount of suffering that occurs in the natural world essentially. Humans find suffering bad. Therefore, the natural world possesses bad qualities for humans. If this is so, God created a world that is essentially bad to humans; that is, human’s fins parts of it

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