10 Best Places Visit Of Cuba

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10 Best Places to Visit in Cuba
Mostly known for its revolutionary heritage, Cuba is a large island found in the Caribbean and largely remains a mystery to most people who have never ventured into the country. If it has always been in your bucket list, you should know that you are in for a treat with its places that speak of a rich history, beauty, diversity and a range of activities such as fishing, diving and a an entertaining night life. Below are some of the places that will offer you the time of your life in the country.
1. Plaza de la Revolucion (Jose Marti Memorial), Havana
The Plaza de la Revolucion should be the first stop for lovers or students of history interested in the country. The center of the Plaza de la Revolucion features a gray tower, 109 meters in height, a memorial of Jose Marti who was a Cuban national hero. You can ascend the tower to get better view of the city of Havana, which is the capital city of the country. Beneath the monument is the Jose Marti Memorial that is the home of a museum on the hero. The square claims its place in history as the place where the country’s former president the late Fidel Castro delivered speeches to vast audiences that sometimes attracted large crowds of more than one million people. Pope John Paul II also celebrated mass here in 1998.
2. Santa Clara Located in the Villa Clara province, Santa Clara is quite rich in cultural attractions that will amaze anybody who is there to have a good time. The fact that it
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