10 Communication Secrets

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In 2012, Forbes Magazine revealed 10 communication secrets but I may borrow 8 in carrying out discussions/ face to face meetings with executives:

1. Speak openly- This would also require setting out a plan on the issues that need to be addressed primarily. Perhaps by creating an agenda, it would keep the conversation on track. Building trust and rapport would begin then as members have to be able to feel comfortable. At this point, choosing the right meeting venue is helpful. Somewhere calm yet inviting but where ideas can be exchanged, recognition given or loud, enthusiastic conversations can occur. I may reserve a meeting room or utilize an office space during a less than heavy traffic flow period. I can find out which meeting rooms or group rooms are assigned to the organization. In the College of Business at Grambling State University, most of its departmental groups, that is, AMA, Management Club, NABA are assigned office space in the building which have become a room for executive meetings and carrying out group projects. It also helps the stability of the group and established recognition for the organization. Make sure to check with the Office of Student Affairs/ Activities if any such rooms are available on another campus.
2. Get Personal- To build rapport, a dialogue and true discussion needs to take place. I cannot control the entire meeting without letting the members get a word in. Although having a monologue may be great in the beginning where information is
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