10 Drops Of Cyclohexane, KI And Benzoic Acid

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Color, Odor, and Physical State Test Setup the 6 test tubes in the rack, place a little crystals of NaCl, KI and benzoic acid. Add 10 drops of cyclohexane, toluene, and water. Observe each substance in the tube and record the physical state whether solid, liquid or gas. Check the odor of each substance. Record the formula. Solubility Test Add 10 drops of cyclohexane and 10 drops of water in a test tube. Record your observation Add a few crystals of NaCl in a tube and add 10 drops of toluene in a different tube. Add 15 drops of cyclohexane and shake gently to mix the substances. Determine if the substance is organic or inorganic and record it. Repeat this process for toluene and cyclohexane but add 15 drops of water. Record the substances
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