10 Reasons To Be Bodybuilder

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10 reasons why it rocks to be bodybuilder
The best in life is achieved through hard work, focus and dedication. Nothing comes easy, and those who practice bodybuilding know this fact a tad too well. Bodybuilding is not just a sport; it is an art, and rightly so. It is not just a desire to be a center of attraction; bodybuilding is the burning passion for reaching the pinnacle of human body's perfection. "Perfection" might sound like a far-fetched term, but ask a bodybuilder and he/she will tell you that this is exactly what they aim to achieve.
What is bodybuilding?
If you refer Wikipedia, you will get to know that bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercises in order to develop musculature in a desired manner. But to my mind,
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Enhanced physical strength: Everyone wants to be strong; the one tough guy with whom nobody dares to pick up a fight with. However, only a few achieve it, and bodybuilders are one of them. Unlike gym, which only tones your muscles without making them stronger, strength exercises could give a huge boost to muscle density. Greater muscle density implies more power to your punch. If you think muscle density isn't an important factor, imagine a tiger vs. lion: Both are ferocious big cats, but a tiger wins 7 out of 10 times because of a greater muscle density.

4. Improved Stamina: Boosting the stamina is perhaps one of the lesser benefits of bodybuilding because it is common in most sports. Cycling, running, playing table tennis; all of these sports could also improve stamina, perhaps in a better way. But that doesn't mean bodybuilding does nothing to improve the stamina. Stamina increases when there is continuous contraction and relaxation of muscles. Proper bodybuilding provides a lot of perks, and improved stamina is just another of
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Better health: This one should be obvious by now. When you are subjecting your body to exercise that would tone it to the pinnacle of human perfection, it is obvious that you would not spend a lot of time on sick leaves. Bodybuilding helps improve your metabolism, your heart, your blood pressure and numerous other internal activities. It suffices to say that you won't be seeing the doctor a lot.

10. An interesting career: Okay, this benefit is not for all. Most of us might be satisfied with the health benefits or the attraction from our peers. Yet, some might find it as a lucrative career opportunity, and they are not wrong. All over the world, there are bodybuilding competitions that seek those who have reached the pinnacle of awesome physique. Even if you don’t win at one, there are always modelling contracts that could land you in the embrace of fame. One way or another, bodybuilding will make your life amazing.
These 10 benefits will surely motivate you in becoming a bodybuilder. Hope you have enjoyed reading the post. Any feedback, suggestion or query is welcomed in the comment box
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