10 Spitfire Facts

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The Meaning behind Aircrafts Anxiety. Fear. Sadness. These are the things that the courageous members of the allied Air Forces all felt during the time of WWII. Several different types of fighting were used in WWII, battleships, tanks, and legions of soldiers, but the most useful, and perhaps the most deadly of all was flying a military aircraft. Aircrafts were powerful tools in the war, yet they were also a very expensive price to pay. The risk of using aircraft in combat was high, but it was extremely useful to the allied forces. First, during the dark time of WWII, there were four main types of planes: fighters, bombers, seaplanes, and transport aircraft. Fighters such as the Spitfire and the Hawker Fury were used as prime weapons against…show more content…
The Spitfire was the only plane in continuous production by the British throughout the war (“10 Spitfire Facts”). As mentioned before, it was built to be a short range and high performance aircraft, and it proved several times that it was capable of high performance (“10 Spitfire Facts”). The name Spitfire means, “someone of a strong or fiery character” (“10 Spitfire Facts”). The names Snipe and Shrew were also considered for the plane (“10 Spitfire Facts”). The Supermarine Spitfire was used in the film, “Battle of Britain” where the planes had to be flown against a clouded background to be seen because they were camouflaged so well (“10 Spitfire Facts”)! The Spitfire definitely was a key tool to winning the…show more content…
The many different models of planes were helpful in their own unique way. It seems the most helpful of all was the Supermarine Spitfire. Not only did we pay money for the Air Force, we paid for it with the lives of the courageous members of the Force. The dark time of WWII definitely scared this Earth for many years, and military aircraft are just a reminder of the time. However, the reminder of WWII doesn’t have to be painful. Since 1945, people have begun to love the old planes used in battle. Many people like to go to airshows, where old military aircraft set to the sky in a performance of skill. My own grandpa, who is past 80 years old, decorates his house with models of aircrafts from the time. Air & Space magazine says, “Combat Aircrafts that were everyday companions to airmen in the WWII generation have become extraordinary treasures to many in the next”, and many have proved this to be
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