10 Ways e-Voting Could Save or Destroy Democracy

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Democracy has since spread to corners of the globe thanks to uprisings such as the Arab Springs which has spread democracy throughout the Middle East and North Africa (Andelman, 2012). As time and technological advancements progress the concept of democracy has been challenged, but never overthrown. One of the fundamental tenets of democracy is the power of the people to have a say in the running of a state, be it the Athenian style of 'direct democracy' or our current style of 'representative democracy'. The major way in which the citizenry were able to have their say on important issues was through the use of voting.

10 Ways e-voting could save or destroy democracy was an article that first appeared in the IT-Pro pullout of the Sydney Morning Herald. One of the main ways a large citizenry can participate in a democracy is through the system of voting for eligible candidates to represent them in government. This style of…
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