1000 Splendid suns

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A.P. English 1 Pre- AP Ms. Gillis- Period 5th 23 March 2012 A Thousand Splendid Suns Research Paper The People of Afghanistan have struggled with invaders in there country for many decades. The intrusion of the soviets in 1979 was the first intrusion on the Afghan people. Many people were affected by the manifestation of the soviets and either ran away or lived in fear and war. Luckily, famous author Khaled Hosseini and his family were moved out of Kabul a few years before the Soviets invaded. Khaled Hosseini and his novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns, shows different types of people how life is for the people of Afghanistan. His book impacts the world with its intense descriptions of life, and effect on people. Khaled Hosseini…show more content…
Women in Afghanistan are treated harshly by all men. The Taliban militias are known for raping women when they travel alone and/or beating them. If a women is raped some husbands kill there wives in shame of what has been done to them. In extreme cases some women live in abusive households were they are beaten and unappreciated everyday. Some women go through extreme cases were either their husbands burn them in rage or women burn themselves in order to make a statement and die with no more suffering from there husbands. A Thousand Splendid Suns is a story of an abusive husband. The impact on me from this story was immense. Living in the United States of America most people do not know what is happening in Afghanistan and/or the extent on what women are put through. Mariam is the perfect example of a life of suffering for women in Afghanistan. Dishonored as a child, she was forced to live in a clay kolba with her mother. Married off at the young age of 14, her story begins with the life style of an abusive husband. Laila, on the other hand, was raised in a family were female education was pursued and girls were aloud to attend school. Laila’s Father is a very loving man and a determined mother. These two lives help represent the different generations and situations that have happened and are happening right now in Afghanistan.
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