102 Minutes By Kevin Flynn And Jim Dwyer

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"102 Minutes" by Kevin Flynn and Jim Dwyer is a factual book that describes the events that occurred in the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks. The book itself is named 102 minutes because of the 102 minutes people had to evacuate the World Trade Center before it came down. Before writing this book, a team of a few people interviewed over 200 survivors and witnesses of 9/11 and researched historical facts, radio transmissions, phone messages, and emails from the day of the attack. This book aims to tell what happened solely from the perspective of people inside the building and the people who rushed to help them such as the New York Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Service, and more. It describes the simple…show more content…
Dianne was sitting in her office doing her work when she got knocked off her chair and her locked door swung open. Walter on the other hand was holding a meeting and before he could get the words "Good morning" in was pushed by a force into the wall. "A bomb, they decided several breaths later" (Dwyer and Flynn 36). The next chapter "It 's going to be the stop story of the day", was merely from the prospective of everyone in the South Tower. One by one people were trying to evacuate both buildings. Luckily the South tower had some extra time to spare since it was hit second. This chapter also features text messages from people in the South building who are confused with unclear understandings of what was happening. Some people refused to evacuate until they knew exactly what was going on, others rushed to get out of the building as fast as possible. Another chapter "Mom, I 'm not calling to chat" was was all about people who were trying to communicate with loved ones and tell them about what was happening incase they weren 't already informed. It also features phone calls of people who were in trouble and trapped above the impacted floors that needed rescuing. This chapter was really draining in the fact that these were some of the last words and phone calls people made out to families. Another one of my favorite chapters was called "I 'm staying with my friend", which talks bout how some people in the building were
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