102 Minutes By Kevin Flynn And Jim Dwyer

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"102 Minutes" by Kevin Flynn and Jim Dwyer is a factual book that describes the events that occurred in the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks. The book itself is named 102 minutes because of the 102 minutes people had to evacuate the World Trade Center before it came down. Before writing this book, a team of a few people interviewed over 200 survivors and witnesses of 9/11 and researched historical facts, radio transmissions, phone messages, and emails from the day of the attack. This book aims to tell what happened solely from the perspective of people inside the building and the people who rushed to help them such as the New York Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Service, and more. It describes the simple challenges people faced while trying to evacuate the building such as opening a jammed door, navigating through a flaming hallway, and climbing multiple flights of stairs. The book starts off by introducing and listing 367 people who survived 9/11. It mentions the building they were located at, floor they were on, and their occupation in the Twin Towers. It then shows a picture of the twin towers and shows the floors at which the plane hit. According to the book: "the North Tower was struck at 8:46am and collapsed at 10:28am. The South a Tower was struck at 9:02am and collapsed at 9:59am".(Dwyer and Flynn 25). It also shows how many floors were impacted by the planes, the South tower was impacted much more than the North tower and also…
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