102 Minutes that Change America - Essay

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102 Minutes that Change America

A moment may change everything to evil or good in our life and community.

Some events occurred may have affects in several ways. September 11, 2001 was a historic day in the United States. Four airplanes were hijacked by terrorists. The first one crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The second plane was stopped by passengers. The two of them crashed the biggest towers in the U.S which are the World Trade Center in New York. On that day 3,000 people died. These occasions changed American’s economy, American culture and the relationship with other countries.

First, the economy in the United State was affected after 9/11 especially New York and Virginia. The stock markets and financial
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For example, when I came to New York 5 years ago the securities were very strict with Arabic travelers. They were using dogs and hand searches to inspect travelers. Also, I sat for almost 6 hours to pass the immigration line. They were asking me questions about the reasons for why I came to the United States. However, I did not speak English, so, I asked them if they had a translator or my husband may help me to answer questions but they did not accept that.

Third, after the September 11 attack, the relationship has undergone some profound changes between America and other countries especially with Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Political people in Saudi Arabia did not accept what happened in the United States and other countries have been exposed to violence. In addition, people a treatment became very rude with Muslims because they thought Muslims are agree with American's situation. For example, my uncle came with his family in 2003; they faced a lot of problems with American people. Also, while his wife was wearing Islamic dress, she got a lot of harassments from citizens. So, they could not stay more than one week then they decided to travel to Canada to complete their vacation. In my experience, sometimes old people called terrorist because I wearing Islamic costume. However, after 9\11 Muslim people did many important things for American people. Also, Muslim people

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