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10C - Child Maltreatment P3: Explain the factors that would lead to suspicion of child maltreatment or abuse. Child maltreatment, also referred to as child maltreatment and neglect, includes all the various forms of abuse ranging from physical, emotional and sexual abuse to neglect and exploitation. This type of abuse can result in the potential or actual harm to a child's health, there development and dignity. Physical Abuse: Physical abuse also defined as non-accidental trauma or physical injury, of which can be caused by punching, beating, kicking, biting, burning or harming the child. Physical abuse is the most visible and second most common form of child maltreatment. In most cases, physical abuse is the result of…show more content…
Being abused can also leave the child feeling worthless and with low self-esteem, this can then lead to the child feeling depressed which can possibly lead to self-harming. Emotional Abuse: Emotional child abuse is a pattern of behaviour that attacks a child's emotional development and their overall sense of well-being. This can include excessive or aggressive and unreasonable demands that can put expectations on a child beyond that of their capability. For example, three-year olds cannot be expected to be able to sit quietly for an extended period of time, due to the fact that they just simply do not have the physical control of their bodies yet. However still, you would find many parents placing this unrealistic expectation on a young child, only to end up getting frustrated due to the lack of the child's compliance. Emotional indicators include: * Speech disorders * Delayed physical development * Substance abuse * Ulcers, asthma, severe allergies * Habit disorder – i.e. sucking, rocking or biting * Antisocial, destructive * Neurotic traits, this can include sleep disorders, inhibition of play) * Passive and aggressive - behavioural extremes * Delinquent behaviour * Developmentally

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