11 Core Competencies in Nursing

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11 core competencies in nursing

1. safe and quality nursing care
2. management of resources and environment's
3. health education
4. legal responsibility
5. ethic/moral responsibility
6. personal and professional development
7. quality improvement
8. research
9. record management
10. communication
11. collaboration and teamwork


1. Safe and Quality Nursing Care

Core Competency 1: Demonstrates knowledge base on the health /illness status of individual / groups
• Identifies the health needs of the clients (individuals, families, population groups and/or communities)
• Explains the health status of the clients/ groups

Core Competency 2: Provides sound decision making in
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Collaboration and Teamwork

Core Competency 1: Establishes collaborative relationship with colleagues and other members of the health team
• Contributes to decision making regarding clients’ needs and concerns
• Participates actively in client care management including audit
• Recommends appropriate intervention to improve client care
• Respect the role of other members of the health team
• Maintains good interpersonal relationship with clients , colleagues and other members of the health team

Core Competency 2: Collaborates plan of care with other members of the health Team
• Refers clients to allied health team partners
• Acts as liaison / advocate of the client
• Prepares accurate documentation for efficient communication of services

4. Health Education

Core Competency 1: Assesses the learning needs of the client-partner/s
• Obtains learning information through interview, observation and validation
• Analyzes relevant information
• Completes assessment records appropriately
• Identifies priority needs

Core Competency 2: Develops health education plan based on
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