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Health Insurance Qin Guo Class: 600 Robyn conners 09/17/2012 Health Insurance With the social development, more and more people think that health is the most important thing for their lives. However, each person has a different way to reach a healthy level. Some people think they need to get balanced diet to avoid getting an illness when they are so fat. Some people think they just need to get enough exercise and make their body stronger than before, therefore, they can reduce the chance getting an illness. Besides, more and more people begin to learn how to get health insurance in their daily lives. What is a health insurance, a lot of people might not to know the mean of it? Health insurance is…show more content…
According to this research, people can know about information which is compare man to woman. Therefore, it is obviously show to people is something different in different kind of people. Region and Urban/Rural Location These variables are not only focus on age, sex and race, but also focus on the region and location. Therefore, here will talk about the variables of region and location. Stevens (2011) explained that a doctor office had a statistically important connection to the possibility that a diagnostic or screening in a doctor office visit with the region and urban or rural location. Office visits in the Northeast, South, and West all had a greater probability of including a diagnostic or screening, with the possibility fluctuating from 33% higher in the South to 47% higher in the Northeast comparative to doctor office visits in the Midwest. And visits to doctor offices in rural areas were approximately 1/3 less than those in urban areas with control other factors. Due to these factors, if people want to pay the health insurance, the company will make sure of the people’s age, sex, race, region and location. And then, the company will estimate how much people will pay for a bill of insurance. Coverage of Health Insurance According to the two point’s background of health insurance, people must know more information about health insurance. And then, people began to discuss about coverage of
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