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Leadership is defined as senior executives who support the creation of processes (Hammer, 2007). There are four aspects in leadership including awareness, alignment, behavior, and style. According to Hammer’s PEMM and the analysis of evidence in this case, four perspectives including awareness, alignment, behavior, and style are scored from E-1 to E-4.


Leadership awareness is defined as the recognition of business process and understanding the value of the process-oriented enterprise for senior management. Bharat Dave, who is vice president of industry sales in Siemens ROLM Communication Incorporation, recognizes that they need a restructuring program to improve profitability and market share
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These leadership behaviors from senior management primarily assure that the project can achieve a high performance to improve profitability and market share.

According to Hammer’s PEMM and case evidence above, leadership behavior is at the E-3 level where “senior executives operate as a team, manage the enterprise through its processes, and are actively engaged in the process program”. In conclusion, senior management attaches great importance on this reengineering project.


Leadership style is a style for leader or senior management. This case does not provide much evident of leadership style for the project at ROLM Communication incorporation. In fact, senior management makes an open and free environment for communication in company, such as making frequent presentations to various audiences including training classes and meetings (P11). In addition, small group interactions also impact employees’ efforts for enterprise innovation (P11). Geng said “middle management does a lot of filtering that can only be remedied via more communication” (P12).

According to Hammer’s PEMM and case evidence above, leadership style is at the E-2 level where “the senior executive team leading the process program is passionate about the need to change and about process as the key tool for change”. In conclusion, the senior management provides a good communication to make more employees

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